The destination where you will find an ice cold beer wherever you go. People smile at you everywhere, the weather is perfect, the views… spectacular. If you are looking for a plan for your next vacation, you have already found it. This little country has it all. Dominicana is the place where you will completely disconnect. It is perfect for traveling with your family, partner or friends. People will enjoy the atmosphere and relaxation as in few places. What better than escaping to an island where provinces like Samaná contain the best of Dominican life. In addition to giving you the reasons why it should be your next destination, we are going to give you local tips for those who like to travel differently and get to know the countries in a more authentic way.


Paradisiacal magazine photo beaches where the sand is white and the water turquoise blue, at the perfect temperature. There are private and public beaches that have lounge chairs, services and even a bar. If you visit Samaná, you will be able to visit much quieter beaches and the true Dominican flavor.

Their people

Dominicans are distinguished by their attention, kindness and joy. They are always happy, with an energy that you only find on this island. Experts in hospitality, and excellent dancers, Dominicans will spice up any situation. Get ready to laugh, dance and chat.

The landscapes

Do not arrive without a camera, you will want to take it everywhere. From the old city in the center of Santo Domingo, to the forest, the beaches, and national parks such as Los Haitises, Tres Ojos or Salto del Limón. The views are perfect for the postcards you want to portray. Wherever you turn, you will find something that will fall in love with your eyes.

Food and drink

Knowing the Dominican gastronomy will be quite an experience. You will read a menu and you will want to ask about each dish, get ready to enjoy rice, beans (they call them red beans) and plantain in many presentations. Dishes like the Sancocho and the flag are unmissable. As for the drink, where do you start? The rum is spectacular, and they drink it everywhere at any time. The most popular are Barceló and Brugal. On the other hand, you can’t stop trying the Presidente, it’s the quintessential beer in this place and they always, everywhere, have them ice cold. Whoops!